• There are a number of causes that can prevent you from Previewing or Submitting your Inspections in the PIM app.
  • Remember that a Preview only displays on the iPad, and Submitting will generate the email to the Inspector.

1. Check you have Internet connectivity? look for your wifi signal, or load Safari and browse to a website.

2. Template not selected or missing? Check that you have selected your current templates for your report.  The report template will depend on your Inspection Type.  Check also the current Inspector has been correctly selected. These can be selected at:

Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors > "Your name"

You can verify the Inspection Type and Inspector in your report.  See example:

3. Reports too large or oversized? - By default when using Submit Inspection PIM will generate an email that contains "MS Word" and "PDF" attachments.  This setting can be changed in Settings > PIM Admin > Report Format.  In some cases, the final size may exceed 10MB (or close to).  If both formats are not required just select the one that is. Please refer to our oversized report guide for more information.

4.  It's possible that you have deleted an Inspection Area or a Sub Inspection Area that has been used in the report.  Learn more about how to link them back together here.