So you have completed your inspection by adding notes and photos.  Now it is time to see all your hard work as a finished report. And remember this can be done on-site if you have a network connection on your iPhone or iPad (you can use hot-spotting as well). With PIM there is no need to head back to the office to generate your reports.

This part is pretty simple.

Step 1: Navigate back to the Inspection Home Page then tap the Action Button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap Preview Inspection to view the PDF report, or Submit Inspection to view PDF and email a copy of the finished report to the inspector (Inspector's email is set up in Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors). The report will be emailed in PDF unless you have specified for it to be in Word in your default settings (Settings > PIM Admin > Default Settings > Report Format)

Step 3: If you want to look at the final document, tap View it Now otherwise tap I'll view it later. You can always open it again at any time from the Report Folder.

Step 4: If you chose to view, check through the document preview to make sure it is ok by swiping left or right through the pages.  Once you are finished looking, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the header banner, then tap Done to close.

Step 5:  If you need to amend notes or add new photos, just go back into the relevant inspection area(s), makes the changes, and then Submit or Preview the report again following the same steps

Using The Report Folder

Any reports which have been Previewed or Submitted will be added to the Report or Documents Folder.  You can view these at any time by tapping the drawer icon next to Inspections in the top right of any Inspection Home Screen