PIM can hold a lot of information and lots of photos.  It's one of the things that makes PIM so great, especially for Property Condition Reports containing hundreds of supporting photos.  

But emailing those larger reports can be a bit of a problem thanks to email size restrictions imposed by all the different email providers. They are all a little different, so to ensure we can work with most email systems, we have put a 10MB limit on outgoing emails sent from our app.  Trust us, your email system and data limits will thank us for this later! 

But don't panic!  PIM has other ways to deliver your final report and photos if it tips over the size limit, usually a report containing over 100 photos. 

So, if you do get an oversized report message like this when submitting, you know that an email has been sent to you with a link to download the Report. 

To get your report you now have a couple of options;

  • Click on the links that are emailed to you, and this will download the Report directly to your desktop.  No passwords are required. Note that these links expiry after 60 days.
  • If you don't receive the email or wish to share the links with another you can Share from Report History within PIM on the iPad.

1. Click on the Links Emailed to you

This will automatically download your Word or PDF Report to your "Downloads" location,

2. Share Report Links from within the PIM app

Regardless of whether or not they are emailed, all inspections which have been submitted or previewed are stored in the Report/Document Folder.  You can access this by tapping the drawer Icon at the top of the Inspection Home Screen.

Once in the Report/Document Folder screen, you can tap on a report to view it or tap on Options to see your sharing options.  

(Note: If your Report History screen is empty, then you haven't yet submitted or previewed the inspection for PIM to make a copy here)  Folder screen is empty, then you haven't yet submitted or previewed the inspection for PIM to make a copy here)  

(Note: If your Report Folder screen layout looks a little different, you may be running on an older version of PIM.  Please visit the App Store and check for any free updates you may have missed.)

Tap on Options and you'll be presented with a few options

  1. View Report - Will display the report as a PDF on screen.
  2. Share Report - Share a copy of the report using email or your linked cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud etc. You need to make sure they are already set up on your iPad for them to appear as a sharing option. To find out more check out our Sharing Guide
  3. Share Photos - PIM stores the photos from your inspection as individual images.  Share Photos will copy all of these photos to a folder on your linked cloud storage account as above.
  4. Share Reports Links - If you have tried to Submit Inspection and the report is oversized you now have the option to Share the Report links with anyone via Email, Message, DropBox and more. Note that these links expiry after 60 days.
  5. Access Oversized Reports - A quick link to this help guide you are reading now in case you get stuck.

  Any problems or questions please contact PIM support.