Fresh new updates coming your way this month! We have been working hard on improving PIM to make your inspections easier and your reports and photos even slicker.

* Share Photo Improvements - When using the option to Share Photos to DropBox, OneDrive, AirDrop etc, PIM will now embed the Date/Time Stamp on the photo. This will work if the Date/Time Stamp toggle is ON in PIM Settings.

* Support for 3D Touch or Touch and Hold context Menus (iOS 13) - Allows quick and easy copy of existing Inspection Areas and Sub Inspection Areas either within an Inspection or in PIM Settings. Also allows copying of Smart Property Profiles in Settings.

* Improved Shared Inspections workflow - When importing a shared inspection from another device PIM will not create a duplicate if it already exists on the receiving device. This is based on the address, suburb and inspection date data. Hopefully no more issues with Inactive Inspections!

* Fixed an issue in Bond Inspections where Quick Checks were not toggled on when the PCR Settings were set to Quick Check Always ticked.

* Cirrus8 Improvements - Improved diagnostics to include InspectionKey and PropertyKey.

* New Application Mode of Compliance - Now you can use PIM to conduct your Smoke Alarm, Water Efficiency Testing and Leak Detection. Want to know more?

* Added simPRO integration (Beta). Stay tuned for more details!

* Improved Photo quality when using Preview Inspection.

* Fixed an issue with oversized reports link.

* Fixed an issue when switching from Commercial or Compliance mode in Settings > Advanced - Quick Check Labels and Shorthand Words are now correctly loaded.

* UI Improvements - Refreshed some icons and buttons. Things should look a bit fresher now.

* Lots of other improvements to make your inspections easier.

We're are always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PIM to make PIM more friendly and to help you conduct Inspections no matter what industry you are in! We release updates regularly and we're always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback come find us. We're happy to help. 

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