Property reports can be sent back to the office in 2 ways:

1. Via the Submit Inspection popup you can generate and send your Routine Inspection Reports and PCR's back to the Inspectors email address, or email addresses, of the Inspector, specified for that Inspection.


2.  Once you have completed an inspection, you can use the Report Folder (drawer icon) to access a number of report options related to that specific inspection including viewing and sharing reports or photos back to yourself (or others) in the office, the owner or tenant.   

  • Whether you use Preview or Submit Inspection a generated report will appear in the Report Folder and may list the different report types generated such as Routine and/or Cleaning reports. Report formats are displayed as PDF and/or Word according to the report format set in Settings > PIM Admin > Report Format.  

  • Tap Options to access your sharing options. 

Your options include;

  • View Report – View the report on your device. When viewing the report if the Mail icon doesn't display then Mail isn't set up yet on your iPad or your report is over 15MB. Please follow our Mail Setup Instructions to help.
  • Share Report – Send a copy of the report via email to yourself (Inspector), Owners and/or Tenants or sharing services such as Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Cloud Drive etc (if they are installed and set up on your iPad/iPhone) or AirDrop (see image below).  If the app is not there then you need to download it from the App Store. See links at the bottom of the article **.  

Also, check out our How-To Guide for more information about Previewing and Submitting Inspections and Sharing Reports and Photos