In PIM there are a few ways you can access your original photos taken when conducting an Inspection. Typically they can then be used to show higher resolution damage at a property, sent to Maintenance people whilst onsite via email or SMS, used in court proceedings, or even in marketing brochures. 

This guide requires Apple iOS13+. You can use the "Share Photo" feature, and there are a number of ways to share a single photo or multiple photos.  

If you are wanting to "Share All" your photos from a report as a zip file then refer to our other guide - here.

1.  When viewing any photo, you can tap and hold your finger on the image to then use the "Share Photo"


2.  Share Multiple Photos at once by navigating to the inspection area where the photos are, when viewing the photos > tap Edit > mark the images you wish to share by tapping on them (this will place a tick in the circle) > then tap the ... > "Share Photos"

Using either Option 1 or Option 2, the Share Photo window then allows you to share one or more high-resolution images, where you can choose from multiple options:

-  Email yourself, the Owner or Tenant the selected image/s, or selected Maintenance People

 - SMS - SMS your Maintenance Crew or someone back in the office directly from the property for prompt attention to an issue.

-  Save Image/s into your camera roll or Photo Albums,

-  File Sharing to apps already installed on your iPad or iPhone such as the Apple File app, Dropbox, OneDrive, or other Cloud Services,

-  AirDrop from one Apple Device to another

If emailing from your device please ensure the Mail app has been correctly set up and configured so that the emails containing photo/s  can be sent from your iPad or iPhone. Follow our Mail Setup Guide, if needed.  The email also includes contextual information on where the photo was taken. 

Option 3. You can also access all of your original higher resolution photos and actual reports via iTunes. More information is available here (Step 2): Photo Extract Instructions