Sometimes you want to use photos you’ve taken on your external point and shoot camera or iPad/iPhone camera and perhaps edited, cropped or pictures quickly taken outside of the PIM app. Now you can add MULTIPLE photos from your iPad Photo Library using the PIM Multi-Shot Camera – allowing fast, straightforward access and import of photos!

Step 1: Navigate to the Inspection Area you wish to import the photos into, then tap Photos 

Step 2: The camera will show then tap Photo Library symbol (1) >  Photo Library (2) 

Step 3:  and tap the photos you wish to import (3) then tap Add (4).  Show Selected (5) will show you how many images you have tapped to add to your inspection area.

Step 4: PIM will then confirm the number of photos Imported then tap DONE and navigate back to your Inspection. If you need to add notes, for example to highlight maintenance issues, to any photo just added just select that photo and enter your notes. Simple!