In some instances, you might want to copy all photos taken in PIM to the iPad Camera Roll. Doing this does utilise more space on the iPad as you are basically duplicating the photos however your workflow may be that you would like to share photos from your iPad Photo Album.

To do this you need to make some changes to your settings in PIM and the Apple Settings.

1.  In PIM navigate to: Settings > PIM Admin > Copy Photos To > tap Camera Roll

If you want to use Photo Album - this will create an Album against the Property Address and Inspection Date.  Handy if you wish to organise your photos efficiently.

2. In iPad Apple Settings navigate to:  Settings > PIM > Camera > ON (Green) and Settings > PIM > Photos > Read and Write

Older versions of iOS will just have a toggle  PIM > Photos > ON (Green) there is no Read and Write.

3.  In the Apple Settings navigate to:  Settings > Privacy > Camera > PIM > ON (Green)

When this setting is made, every photo you take during the inspections will be copied to your Camera Roll as well as saved in the PIM App.