The PIM Cloud Dashboard allows you to manage your own User Details and Company Details.  

For Managing your User Details, refer to our How To Guide - here

To edit Company details you need to have the Account Role of "Manager", and these changes include uploading your Company logo, entering your Company Address which is displayed on your report headers, as well as entering the colour scheme to match your branding.  You can also update the company email which is used as the account login.

Managing Company Details in Cloud Dashboard

First, you need to log into your Cloud Dashboard from our website:  You can log in using the same account details as you log into the PIM Cloud App.

1.  Updating Company Details:
Tap your avatar in the top right corner, and select Update Company Details (1)

(A) Company Logo:
Upload or Update your company logo which is displayed on your Inspection Reports in the header you can upload a high-resolution image. For best display in your report use a horizontal formatted PNG or JPG file no larger than 2MB.

Click Upload Logo, then browse to your logo (png/jpeg) file and either double click and it will upload, or select the file and then click Open to upload the file. The logo will then display as above.

(B) Company Details:

Tap Edit Details to edit your Company Details.

Company Name is displayed in the footer of the Inspection Report and can be edited here in the Name field

Account Managers Email and Phone: tap in the Email or Phone field to edit.

Company Colour: Include your company branding colour by using our Colour Picker by entering your HEX, RGB or HSL values or use the Colourpick Eyedropper to digitally match your colour from any document you have open on your desktop to match your company branding colours.

Then tap Save Details after making any changes.

(C) Company Address:

Tap Edit Address to update your Company/Office details that are displayed in the header of your Inspection Report.

Tap Save Details to save your changes.

Need help on any of the above? Just contact us!