User details include uploading your own staff image, updating your email address and resetting your password.  Account Roles include Inspectors and Managers. To manage your Company Details refer to our How To Guide - here.

First, log into your Cloud Dashboard from our website:  You can log in using the same account details as you log into the PIM App.

1.  Update User Settings

Tap your avatar initials in the top right corner, and select Update User Details (1)

(A)  User Avatar:

To upload a staff image, tap Upload Avatar, then browse to your saved image on your computer and then tap Open the image will upload and will be displayed on the default Routine Inspection Report. This needs to be a high-resolution image, but no larger than 2MB in size.

(B) User Details:

To update your User Name and Email, tap Edit Details, make the changes, and then make sure yo utap Save Details to save them. Your email serves as your login for both the dashboard and the PIM app.

(C) Password:  

Fortify your security! Tap Edit Password, enter New Password, confirm it, then Save PasswordPassword must be at least 6 characters, with letters, numbers, and symbols/characters.  For clarity, tap the 'eye' symbol to view as you type

Updating your password in the Dashboard will also update the password to log into your PIM App.

Need help on any of the above? Just contact us!