Powerful perks with Manager Role! Integrate your Property Management System - Cirrus8, Property Tree, and Console Cloud, with ease using API keys. For additional systems such as Re-Leased, PropertyMe, Chintaro, and more, refer to our Integrations guide for tailored assistance.

Uploading your API Key to the Integrations in Cloud Dashboard

First, you need to log into your Cloud Dashboard from our website:  https://app.propertyinspectionmanager.com/login.  You can log in using the same account details as you log into the PIM Cloud App. 

1.  Uploading Your API key for Integration with PIM
From the Dashboard Home screen, you can click on Integrations (1)

Then Select Your Integration Provider (2) by tapping on the dropdown menu:

Enter your Company/ Portfolio Name (3), paste in your API Key (4) and tap + Add Integration (5)

Get your Property Tree API Key! Log into Property Tree, go to Configurations > Integrations > Inspection Applications > Property Inspection Manager (PIM). Generate a Key or copy the key and paste it in your dashboard's Integration API Key field. Need help? Just contact us!

You can refer to our Property Tree Setup Guide for more information.

Console Cloud users can obtain an API Key by logging in to Console Cloud then click on MarketPlace > then click on PIM logo > then tap Add to Console Cloud > then click on "New client or Existing client" > then tap "Copy To Clipboard and paste it into your dashboard Integration API Key field as above. New clients will be shown a link to our website where you can create a PIM Premium account as well as your Access Key.  If you already have a PIM Premium account tap "Existing client". Need help? Just contact us!

You can refer to our Console Cloud Integration Guide - here.

Cirrus8 users will need to contact PIM Support  to obtain their API Key.

PIM supports Dual Portfolios, so if required you can add more than one API Key to your Integration Setup. 

Need help on any of the above? Just contact us!