With PIM everyone using the same login can log into the PIM app as it's a one account one login.  You can then set up as many Inspectors as you wish and link your templates to each Inspector. Just follow our easy how-to guide below:

Step 1:

Once logged into PIM navigate to Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors > then tap the "+"

Step 2:

Type in the Inspectors name, email address, phone and or role if needed. Your reports can be customised to show any or all of these. Generated Reports can also be sent to multiple email addresses separated by a comma, e.g, "phil@gmail.com, harry@gmail.com"

Step 3:  (for PIM Premium and PIM Pro Plus accounts only) 

Link your Inspector to your customised report templates:

in the PIM app navigate to Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors > "Your Name" > PIR Template and select your office's Routine Inspection Report template, i.e. Inspection Template-ABC Realty.doc

and then

tap PCR Template and select your state's office Entry/Default/Ingoing template, i.e. WA-PCR-Default-ABC Realty.doc

and then

tap Tenant Inspection Template and select your office's Tenant template, i.e. Tenant Inspection Template-ABC Realty.doc

and then hit Done!

If you need assistance configuring your templates just email us.  Contact Us