Shorthand Words are a great way to speed up the inspection process through the use of abbreviations or a lookup list. We've given you a pretty good default list to start with, but as with most things in PIM, you can fully customise to suit your inspection process. To find out how to customise you can watch the video here, or follow the written instructions below.

Shorthand Words & Phrases are found in Settings > PIM Admin > Shorthand Words.  

You can do a number of actions with the Shorthand Word list;

  1. Add Shorthand Word
  2. Edit an Existing Shorthand Word or Phrase
  3. Delete/ Delete All
  4. Share Shorthand Word List as CSV

(1) Add Shorthand Word 

  • From the main list, tap the "more"  symbol in the top right of the screen and select "Add Shorthand Word"

  • Enter your new Shorthand Word/Phrase details.

  1. Abbreviation - The abbreviation should be short and easily remembered. Make sure each abbreviation is unique to the others in the list.
  2. Full Word - Here you type the full description.  It can be a few words or an entire paragraph. If you are doing this within range of a wi-fi connection, you may like to use the Siri feature to do the typing for you.  (See our Faster Inspections guide for help with using Siri)
  3. Inspection Area/s Assigned - You can assign Shorthand Words to specific inspection areas to help filter the larger list during an inspection.  For example, you may assign shorthands about taps to wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens
  4. Done - Once you have finished making changes, tap Done to save and return to the main list.

(2) Edit and Existing Shorthand Word or Phrase

  • Tap on the existing phrase to open the edit screen.  You can now tap to update the relevant fields. 
  • Once finished tap Done to return to the main list.

(3) Delete

Deleting an existing word or phrase will not affect historical inspections, so there is no harm in removing the ones you are unlikely to use.

  • To remove a single Shorthand word > Tap Edit in the top right corner of the screen.

  • All lines will now display a Delete Icon on the left. Tap the icon against the line to be deleted. 

  • Once tapped, a Delete option will be revealed on the right.  Tap Delete now to remove the Shorthand Word/Phrase.

  • Tap Done to return to the main list.

(4) Delete All

With iOS14+ you can now also choose to Delete All Shorthand Words from the "More" symbol:

You will be prompted to confirm your select by tapping on "Delete All Shorthand Words"

(5) Share Shorthand Words List as .CSV File

You may want to print or email your existing shorthand word list for reference.

Tap the More symbol in the top right corner of the screen to send the list as a CSV file by email.  Once received by email, this file can be opened in MS Excel or any spreadsheet software on your computer.