For those PIM Premium users who need to perform a batch of Repeat Inspections, we’ve made some POWERFUL time-saving changes. Now you can select multiple inspections to perform repeat Inspections instead of one-by-one (with alert warnings of course!)


If you would like to include previous comments when using Repeat Inspections then turn ON "Reuse Inspection Area Text" via Settings > PIM Admin . There is a setting for both Routine Report Settings and Condition Report Settings

To perform Batch Repeats follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap Inspections icon (located in the bottom toolbar) and then tap the Funnel >  "All Inspections" at the top left to list all your Inspections, then tap Edit

Step 2:  Mark the Inspections manually you wish to perform the Repeat on or select Repeat All > then tap Repeat (#) > Confirm - Repeat <#> Inspections?

Manually select the Inspections you wish to Repeat
Or tap Repeat All and 

Step 3:  PIM will confirm that the correct number of Repeat Inspections have been created, tap OK