You have created a new inspection, and now it is time to add your inspection notes.

One of the biggest concerns when moving from paper-based inspections to a tablet is the amount of time spent typing.  It's hard enough to type well at a desk on a normal computer.  Try to then do it one-handed on a device while walking around a property!

Luckily, PIM has a number of practical and efficient ways to enter notes, without relying on your limited typing and juggling skills.  

So before we show you all the special features, let's assume you are ready to go with a new inspection

Step 1:  From the Inspection home screen, tap Inspection Areas. 

Step 2: Tap on your first Inspection Area. We recommend you start from the top and work your way through the property in order so you don't miss anything, but hey, whatever works best for you will be fine!  (Remember you can always change the order of the Inspection Areas by tapping Edit.)

Step 3: In the Inspection Area, you will see a number of options. 

(Note: If you are entering notes for a Property Condition Report, or have Sub Inspection areas turned on in Settings > PIM Admin > Routine/Periodic Inspection Settings > Include Sub Inspection Areas your screen you will need to tap Sub Inspection Areas to enter your notes into those areas).

  1. Notes - These are the general or specific notes for the area which will appear in your finished report.  Just tap anywhere in this area to bring up the keyboard and start typing.  PIM also has some incredibly intelligent features which will cut down on manual typing during an inspection.  Using any or all of these features will not only save time and typing but will also help to deliver consistent and detailed reports to your customers. 
    1. Shorthand Words & Phrases
    2. Siri Voice Dictation or Apple Pencil
    3. Checklist Text
    4. Pre-Populated Notes

      See the Shorthand Words & Phrases guide for more info.

  2. Additional Notes - This field is to populate the Cleaning/Maintenance Report. For more info visit - Understanding Reports.
  3. Quick Check - Tap once for a tick (). Tap again to use a cross (X). Tap again to leave it blank. These labels can be customised in Settings > PIM Admin > Quick Check Labels however it is important that you check your local Tenancies Act first to ensure your inspection report remains compliant for your region, particularly for Property Condition Reports.
  4. Photo - Tap to enter the camera mode.  For more information on photos, see our Adding Photos guide.
  5. Sub-Inspection Areas - Tap on this field to add notes to your Sub-Inspection Areas.