You worked hard to create the last inspection at your property, so why do all that typing again?  

With the clever Repeat Inspection or Clone function, PIM will take a copy of your previous report, leaving out the photos, and set things up for a new inspection for today.  All your previous notes will be there if you have turned this feature on in Settings > PIM Admin > Repeat Inspection Settings, and it will also remember your Property Layout. You only then need to update the notes to reflect today's inspection and take fresh photos.  

Being able to see your previous notes makes it much easier to instantly see what has changed since the last time you were there.

So let's show you how to do a Repeat Inspection now.

Step 1: Locate the last inspection you performed at that property from the list and tap to bring up the Inspection Home Screen. (Handy Hint - Make sure if you are doing a Routine Inspection, that you choose the last inspection of that type, and likewise if it is a Property Condition Report).

Step 2: Tap the Action icon in the top right corner, then select Repeat Inspection from the list options.

Step 3: Confirm or update details on the new inspection home screen, then tap Done.

Step 4: Previous notes are now carried across to the new inspection, assuming you have turned this feature on in Settings > PIM Admin > Repeat Inspection Settings.  Simply complete the inspection as normal by tapping into each of the Inspection Areas (or Sub Inspection Areas if in use) updating notes or checkboxes as required, and by taking new photos.

(Note: If you are not using the Reuse Inspection Area Text setting, you will still be able to see past notes by tapping the History button in the Inspection Area notes screen.