We're are always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PIM, to make PIM more friendly, and to help you conduct Inspections no matter what industry you are in! We release updates regularly and we're always looking for ways to make things better. 

The latest improvements to PIM allow you to share, SMS or email multiple photos and supporting comments to a colleague directly from the App while conducting an inspection. This is ideal for informing Maintenance issues, asking for advice while onsite, and generally sending succinct, clear communication on urgent matters. And you can do this while conducting your inspection! Plus for our Cirrus8 and Re-Leased users, you can now attach multiple photos to send through for Maintenance or Work Requests!

Updates and Improvements:

* Cirrus8 improvements 

    - Dual Portfolios are now supported.

* Re-Leased improvements 

    - Common Areas handling has been improved allowing the AreaType Name to be used for the Property Profile in PIM. Also included 28 Days to the Filter Setting. 

If you have any feedback come find us. We're happy to help. 


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