Introducing "On-The-Go Maintenance" for our Re-Leased customers! Re-Leased users can now submit a Maintenance Request from within the app along with a photo when you're at the property.

Improvements and Updates:
* Re-Leased Improvements - Maintenance Requests can now be raised in PIM and sent through to Re-Leased.  Simply Touch and Hold any photo then tap Send Maintenance Request to Re-Leased  Here you can enter in a Title, a Brief description of the issue, and a Target date for the new Maintenance Request.
* In readiness for iOS 15 being launched in September the app is now ready!
* Property Tree Improvements - Improved alert for when no Inspections have been scheduled.
* Commercial Mode - Now includes “Common Area Report” profile.
* Fixed issues uploading Chintaro Inspections when no network was available.
* Updated Victorian Entry/Exit Condition Reports to latest legislation for June 2021.
* Plus lots of other improvements!

And from previous versions of PIM:
* Cirrus8Improvements - Introducing "On-The-Go Maintenance" for CirrusFM users. Work Requests can now able to be raised in PIM and sent through at the property! Simply tap and hold any photo and then tap Send Work Request to Cirrus8. Here you can select the priority and target date for the new Work Request, as well as a brief description of the issue. The Contact Details for the Work Request will pre-populate from the Tenant Details, where possible, however, if they are blank the Inspectors' details will be used as part of the submission and they'll be notified of any updates of the Work Request.
* Share Improvements - Simply touch and hold any photo to use "Share Photo" or to create "CirrusFM Work Requests" or Re-Leased Maintenance Requests (iOS13+ users only). Also added ability photos to be added to Camera Roll.
* Chintaro Cloud Improvements - The new integration for PIM and Chintaro Cloud users, offers a  feature-rich, and definitely 'less clunky' workflow. Simply download scheduled inspections directly into PIM, Upload reports, maintenance issues, photos, and more back into Chintaro Cloud. Brilliant! The ability to include an Inspection Type i.e. Routine, Ingoing or Outgoing is now available for Chintaro Cloud AND Chintaro Basic users. The new “PIM Report Type” or Inspection Type will then flow into PIM enabling the Inspection Type used in the Importing process.  
* Re-Leased Improvements - Routine, Cleaning/Maintenance, and Tenant are now displayed correctly and separately in the Re-Leased dashboard. 
* Take a photo and simply tap Edit to Annotate your photos. Lots of editing tools are available including adding Lines, Arrows, Rectangles, and Text plus easily Undo or Redo your changes on the go for any mistakes. Accidentally add a Line? No Problem, simply select the Selection option from the Tool menu and remove it. Plus lots of different colours to take advantage of to highlight areas of concern. Existing photos can now be annotated.
* The latest improvements between PropertyTree and PIM are now live - delivering deeper integration and better communication possibilities for you. In PIM you can now produce and submit customised reports for tenants and landlords, and, for the first time, populate the Owner Notes/Follow Up Items/ Tenant Notes/Action Notes directly into PropertyTree. This will save you time, reduce duplication and make things simpler! 

We're are always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PIM, to make PIM more friendly, and to help you conduct Inspections no matter what industry you are in! We release updates regularly and we're always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback come find us. We're happy to help. 

Download the Update Now!

Full Integration with Cirrus8, Re-Leased, PropertyTree, Chintaro Cloud, PropertyMe, simPRO, Palace & Console Cloud now available! Apple Pencil and Siri fully supported.