Cirrus8 - Work Requests

Cirrus8 users can now create "On The Go" Maintenance with Work Requests from PIM!

Creating a new Work Request can now be done directly from PIM, together with a photo from the inspection area, and uploaded into CirrusFM.

For properties where you need to create a Work Request, you can select a photo and then raise a new Work Request against it, complete some details, and then upload it to CirrusFM for further action.

Submitting Work Requests is only available for those inspections that have been imported from Cirrus8 and require a network connection. 

If you have not yet set up the integration between PIM and Cirrus8 on your device, refer to our Cirrus8 Integration Guide.

Creating Work Requests in PIM

The first step in raising a new Word Request from PIM is to navigate in PIM to the inspection area where your photo of the damaged or affected area, then follow these steps:

Step 1. How To Create and Send a Work Request from PIM
From the list of available photos for an Inspection Area or Sub-Inspection Area tap and hold the photo you wish to include as part of the Work Request then select Send Work Request to Cirrus8

If you have multiple images you need to include in your Work Request you can do that by tapping Edit (in the top right-hand corner) then select the images and then tap the "..." > Send Work Request to Cirrus8 with Photo/s.  There is a max of 3 images allowed to be submitted as part of the Work Request.

 Step 2:  Completing Work Request in PIM
This presents the Work Request screen where you can fill in more details:

Subject - Defaults to the Inspection Area where the image was taken. Edit as required.
Description - Enter notes detailing more information about the maintenance needing to be done.
Priority - Select the priority (required)as indicated in the image below: Low, Medium, High or Critical!
Target Date - Defaults to tomorrow's date, however, change as needed.
Created By Email: Defaults to the Inspectors email address.
Contact Details: Derived from the Tenant details for the Property as stated in Cirrus8. If these fields are blank the inspector's details will be used instead. Any follow-up notifications for the Work Request will use these contact details. If the contact telephone field is blank, the mobile number will default to the Inspectors mobile if configured in PIM Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors.

Once a Work Request is submitted to Cirrus8/CirrusFM, any further notifications will be sent through to the Contact.

Anything with an asterisk * is required before tapping Done.

Once you tap Done you will see the confirmation that your Work Request has been successfully sent to Cirrus8/CirrusFM. Just tap OK!

Viewing Work Requests in Cirrus8

After you have sent the Word Request from PIM, log into your Cirrus 8 account then tap on CirrusFM (1)

Then tap Work Requests (2) and tap on your newly created Work Request (3) to view further information.

Once opened you can see your Subject, Description, and Attachment (Image) together with other details sent from PIM.
Any further workflow questions regarding Work Requests and Work Orders please contact Cirrus8 Support.

If you are having issues submitting your Work Requests in PIM please contact PIM Support