Using PIM With simPRO

Thanks to our integration with simPRO, you can import confirmed inspections directly into PIM, complete with relevant property information and tenant details.  

Once you have completed your inspections in PIM, the reports are automatically pushed into simPRO ready for you to complete your follow up activities.

This integration is only available to simPRO Premium customers, so please contact our support team to upgrade your plan.

  • First Time Set Up
  • Prepare For a Successful Import
  • Import Data Into PIM
  • Complete the Inspection
  • Resend Inspection to simPRO
  • Troubleshooting

First Time Set Up

The ability to import from simPRO relies on information in PIM Settings so it is important to know how yours is set up.  You only have to do this once. PIM supports Multi-Company builds, and you will be prompted to select yours if your simPRO Account is configured as such.

Before enabling the simPRO integration setting you need to ensure PIM is in Compliance Mode.  Please get in touch with PIM Support to upload the new Compliance Settings file to your account which will enable the Compliance Mode and install the new Compliance Settings for your devices.

1. Enable simPRO Integration

Navigate to PIM Settings > Advanced, Integrations About the App > Enable simPRO (1) enter your simPRO Company URL ('Build Address') (2) and tap Continue (3)

2.  Authenticate simPRO
Next window will ask you to Confirm (4) your Company URL

Then allow PIM to Use "" by tapping Continue (5)
You will be taken to an external simPRO log in screen to enter your Username and Password (6)
The data you enter is secure and not stored in PIM.  Tap YES (7) to confirm access.   After successful login, you will see that the settings have been authenticated. tap Confirm your Company Setup ID > Continue.
After successful login, you will see that the settings have been authenticated. If you have a Multi-Company build you will also be prompted to select a specific Company so just select one and Continue.
3. Enable InLine Photos in PIM
To ensure your photos populate correctly into your reports, you need to enable Inline photos in PIM by navigating to Settings > Advanced, Integrations and About the App > Inline Photos > ALL

Prepare For A Successful Import

A few extra tweaks in PIM Settings to ensure exact matches with simPRO fields will ensure a more successful import.

1. Set Up Cost Centre in simPro
Your existing simPRO Cost Centres can be matched to PIM Smart Property Profiles to allow for a seamless import. This will save a lot of time adding or removing inspection areas during the inspection and will set up your Inspection in PIM to match your Job Type in simPRO. 

Log into your simPRO account on your desktop and new Cost Centres can be added by clicking on the Cog (in the top right-hand corner) then Setup

then click Accounts (1) and then Cost Centre (2) 
and create a new Cost Centre Name by tapping "+ Create Cost Centre" (from the top right).  

The Cost Centre Name will be used to match the Profile name in PIM.  When creating a new Job in simPRO ensure the Cost Centre has been set correctly.

Compatible Cost Centres that currently available map to Smart Profiles in PIM for Compliance Inspections are Smoke Alarm Inspection, Leak Detection and Water Compliance and Hot Water Inspection
2. Assign the newly created Cost Centre to Technician who will be completing the Inspection
Once you have created a new Cost Centre you need to ensure that the cost centre is associated with the Technician/Employee who will be completing the inspections.  You do this in simPRO by navigating to People > Employees.  

Then tap on the employee name then tap Profile > Schedule then add the new cost centre to his/her profile.  Ensure you hit Save or Save & Finish when completed.

then tap Save and Finish. 
3. Create a new Service Job

Creating a new service job prepares the data that will import into PIM.

To create a new Service Job in simPRO tap Jobs (Spanner) > + Create New > Service Job

Check through each of these fields for an accurate setup of your inspection in PIM.

simPRO and PIM Mapping Table



Customer (1)

Not currently populated into PIM

Site (2)

Inspection Address

Job Name (3)

Not currently populated into PIM

Cost Centre (4)

Mapped to the Smart Property Profile

Site Contact (5)

Site Contact

Due Date (6)

Inspection Date

Once these fields have been selected tap NEXT (top right) to move onto next screen. If prompted for the Sage JobNo. please select one and tap NEXT again.

From the next screen tap Settings to enter further data.

The above-highlighted fields must be complete dto ensure the correct data populates into PIM:
Technician - Inspector (PIM)
Cost Centre - Smart Property Profile (PIM)
Stage Progress & Status: Job In Progress - allows the inspection to be seen by PIM for importing
Due Time: Inspection Time (PIM)

Then tap Save and Finish (top right)

3. Set Up Smart Property Profiles in PIM
Smart Property Profiles are a way to quickly set up inspections for the most common property types of your portfolio, such as Water Compliance and Hot Water Inspection, Smoke Alarm Inspection and Leak Detection.
We've created a settings file you can download into your PIM settings to make this easy for you.  Just contact PIM Support to request the Compliance settings file.

You can add or edit your profile in PIM Settings > PIM Admin > Smart Property Profiles.

To set up your PIM Smart Property Profiles to match PropertyMe, see the Smart Property Profiles Guide for more information. 
4. Confirm Inspectors
Jobs can only be imported against the simPRO Technician if there is a corresponding Inspector name in PIM Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors

If an exact match is not located, PIM will use the Default Inspector instead.

See the Adding Inspectors Guide for more information.
5. Assign a Default Inspection Type
All Inspections Types when using simPRO will use the inspection default inspection Type in PIM.  You can assign the PIM default inspection type in PIM Settings > PIM Admin > Default settings > Inspection Type.
See the Inspections & Inspection Types Overview for more information.

4. Site Contact Fields
Other data that is populated across into PIM is the Site Details Primary Contact


Import Jobs Into PIM

PIM imports real-time data from simPRO using the import process below.

1. Navigate to the Import tab.
This is at the bottom of the app.

2. Import the latest jobs from simPRO.
Pulling down on the screen will refresh the data files.  Once it appears, tap to open.
3. View imported jobs/inspections.
Your jobs will be listed with a colour code on the left.  
Green indicates a job/inspection PIM has not seen before, so it will be treated as a new inspection.
Orange represents an existing job/inspections so a Repeat Inspection will be created. 

4. Filter and Sort if required.
If there are a large number of properties in the imported list, you can use the Filter (1) or Sort (2) options to make things easier to view.

5. Import the inspections.
When you are ready to complete the import, select the Action button (1) then choose one of the Import options (2).  

 Note: if you only want to import some, press cancel then tap against the properties you want.  This will place a check on the right.  You can then choose the Import Selected option instead of Import All.

6. Confirm the import type.
The import will create inspections based on your default Smart Property Profile and Inspection Types displayed in the message.  If you are happy with this, tap Continue.

7. Close the PIM File Import message.
Take note of the confirmation message then tap OK to close.

Complete The Inspection

After importing, your scheduled jobs/inspections will be available under the Attachments Tab.

Go ahead and complete the inspection in the usual way by adding notes and photos then Submit Inspection when done. Submitting the inspection will upload a copy of the report into simPROand the Inspection status will be updated to Complete in simPRO.

You will find the inspection report in simPRO under the Attachments


For general troubleshooting on simPRO workflows, imports and uploads

For PIM related questions, please contact PIM Support.