We are always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PIM, make PIM more friendly, and help you conduct Inspections no matter what industry you are in! We are gearing up for a big few months ahead with some exciting new features including Digital Inspections, Video Inspections. Online Report Gallery plus heaps more so stay tuned!

Updates and Improvements:

+ Condition Report Improvements

    + When processing Condition Reports from your Property Management System including Property Tree, Chintaro Cloud, PropertyMe, Cirrus8, Re-Leased, Console Cloud, REST and manual generic file processing PIM now imports and shows them as they are set in your Property Management System, i.e. Entry or Exit. 

    + For PCR Exit and Entry Inspections performed on the same day, PIM now correctly recognises the dates and imports them. 

    + A new Setting has been added under PIM Admin > Condition Report Settings > Reuse Inspection Area Text to give users the flexibility on whether they would like their Notes copied from an Entry to Exit or Exit to Entry. Off by Default. The existing Reuse Inspection Area Text setting has been moved to under Routine Report settings.

+ PropertyMe Improvements

    + When submitting reports, PIM now changes the status of the Inspection to ‘Inspected’ once the report has been submitted.

+ Cirrus8 Improvements

    + New Inspections now have their Inspection time default to 9 am (previously was 12 am).

+ Re-Leased Improvements

    + Limited Maintenance Request notes to 100 characters

+ CSV Import Improvements (REST, Chintaro Basic and Generic File)

    + Added support for Generic files to handle Inspection Types like Routine, Entry, Ingoing, Outgoing & Exit.

    + Added time to Inspections import screen for REST and Chintaro Basic.

    + Fixes for CSV Import files where you need to tap multiple times.

+ App Improvements

    + Inspection listing screen has been refreshed to now include Inspector.


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