Cirrus8 - Unscheduled Ad-Hoc Inspections

Cirrus8 users can now create both Scheduled and Unscheduled Ad-Hoc Inspections from PIM!

Unscheduled Ad-Hoc Inspections are used when you are unexpectedly required to create an Ad-Hoc Inspection and have not scheduled it in Cirrus8.  If you know you will be performing an Ad-Hoc Inspection and would prefer to schedule it in Cirrus 8 and import it prior to your inspection then follow our Scheduling Ad-Hoc Inspection guide.

For properties or leases where you need to create an Ad-Hoc Inspection Report, you will need to ensure you are running the latest PIM 4.6.6+. Please contact PIM Support to update your existing templates and allow us to upload a special settings file to your PIM account.  This settings file will create a new Smart Property Profile called "Ad-Hoc Profile" which will include 4 new inspection areas.  These are:

- Reason For Visit

- Matters Arising

- Actions

- Meeting Notes

These can be altered to suit your requirements, but the profile name must remain "Ad-Hoc Profile".  A sample of this report is attached below.

If you have not yet set up the integration between PIM and Cirrus8 on your device, refer to our Cirrus8 Integration Guide.

  • Video Instructions
  • Set Up For Ad-Hoc Inspections Required in Cirrus and PIM
  • Creating an Unscheduled Inspection In PIM
  • Complete The Inspection

Video Instructions

Prefer videos to written instructions?  No problem watch the video version below or visit our PIM Youtube Channel.

Set Up For Ad-Hoc Inspections Required in Cirrus and PIM

The first step in setting up Cirrus8 for AdHoc inspections is to follow these steps. These steps only need to be performed once in your Cirrus8 dashboard.

Step 1. Create an Ad-Hoc Profile in Cirrus8
In your Cirrus8 dashboard navigate to Configuration (1) then System Configuration (2) then select PIM_TEMPLA (3) and then tap Add New Parameter (4)

then add your Code and Description "Ad-Hoc Profile" as below:

and hit Submit
 Step 2:  Setting your Lease and Property Inspection Type Parameters in Cirrus8
Adding these parameters will allow you to assign an inspection type ie. Routine or Condition Report to your inspections.

In Cirrus 8 if you are not still already in it from the above steps navigate to Configuration (1) then System Configuration (2) then select "LEASE INSPECTIONS" (3), and then tap Add New Parameter (4)

Then add the Code "CONDITION" and the Description "Condition" and the same for "ROUTINE".  If there are any other Descriptions you don't require, just tap the "X" to delete them.

You then need to do the same for your "Property Inspection Type" Parameter.   From the same menu Configuration (1) then System Configuration (2) then select "Property Inspection Type" (3), and then tap Add New Parameter (4)

Then add the Code "CONDITION" and the Description "Condition" and the same for "ROUTINE" add the Description "Routine". Again if there are any other Descriptions you don't require, just tap the "X" to delete them.
Step 3: Contact PIM Support to add a new Settings file containing an Ad-Hoc Profile and Inspection Areas.
Once we have uploaded the file to your PIM account you can tap on the PIM Settings, then tap PIMAdmin, ShareSettings > tap Download and Setup Settings > tap the"Remote-Setup (Ad-Hoc Settings)" > then tap Continue and MERGE.
It's very important to tap MERGE or you will delete all your existing inspections from PIM.

Creating an Unscheduled Ad-Hoc Inspection In PIM

If you find you are in need of creating an Unscheduled Ad-Hoc Inspection and just need to do it on the "fly" or while on the premises then you can.  You will need to have the Cirrus8 Integration enabled in PIM from the "PIM Admin > Advanced Integrations .. > Enable Cirrus 8 toggle ON.  

Don't worry if you are onsite and don't have an internet connection, PIM will have cached your Cirrus 8 properties and leases previously when tapping the "" in Step 1 below. 

If there is no cached data you will require an internet connection from your device to create the Ad-Hoc inspection. If you're using an iPad remember you can hotspot from your phone to access a wifi connection.

Step 1. Create an Unscheduled Ad-Hoc Profile in PIM
In PIM go to your Inspection list and tap the "+" (1) (top left corner), then select "Ad-Hoc Profile"(2)  (contact support if you don't see one), then tap "" (3)

Scroll and select the Property or Lease you wish to raise the Ad-Hoc Inspection against. There are also options to Search or Sort (4) to locate your property/lease.

To make your selection Tap your Property or Lease (5), then to create the Ad-Hoc inspection tap Done (6).

Complete The Inspection

After importing or creating your Ad-Hoc inspection it will be available under the Inspections Tab.

Go ahead and complete the inspection in the usual way by adding notes and photos then Submit Inspection when done. Your generated Ad-Hoc Routine Inspection will now be automatically uploaded as a PDF to Cirrus8 and the status updated to Completed.  Attached is a sample of a typical Ad-Hoc Inspection.

Plus, if you need to create a Work Request within PIM which uploads back to CirrusFM ready for further action refer to our Work Request guide.

See the full range of Inspection Guides for more information.