Property Inspection Manager just got better! You'll see a few improvements and fixes in this update of PIM including a redesigned Inspection and Inspection Areas screen making it easier on the eye. Stay tuned for more changes to accommodate Residential and Commercial properties in future releases!

Other improvements and fixes:

* Generic File Improvements - Fixed an issue where the UserId was not being processed correctly.

* Cirrus8, PropertyMe, Re-Leased and Property Tree Improvements - Fixes an issue where the State was not imported correctly for non-Australia customers

* Property Tree Improvements - Fixed an issue where the Commercial Tenancy Name or Tenancy Contact was not being imported correctly.

* Fixed a font size issue on the State field when in a non-Australia region mode.

Fixes from the previous version.

* Fixed an issue where Sub Inspection Areas Quick Check labels were cut off on smaller iPhones.

* Fixed an Accessibility issue for Rent Amount, KeyNumber, Property info, Water Number fields.

* Generic File Improvements - Incorporate new fields for Building Name, Tenancy Name, Asset Type.

Re-Leased Improvements - "Tenancy Name" is now included in the Inspections list to distinguish different Inspections on the same date at the same address for Commercial Users.
Cirrus8 Improvements - PIM now supports PropertyName, Tenancy Name, Lease Inspection ID (InspectionKey), Tenancy Contact Name (including Salutation) and Tenancy Mobile.
* Fixed an issue with signature screen on iPhone when rotating device.
* Fixed an issue with the Settings > Password Protect screen.
* Add new 'BuildingName', 'AssetType' and 'TenancyName to Share fields.
* Plus several updates to make the app work even smoother and a few backgrounds fixes for reliability.


As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

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