We like to think PIM is pretty easy to use, and many people learn by just tapping buttons to see what happens.  That's ok as we all learn in different ways, and you won't break anything by experimenting.  

But if you are a little out of your comfort zone, you might like a little help getting around.  So let's show you what to expect once you log in.  

PIM Tab Bar

Our main menu or tab bar appears along the bottom of the screen and you can see this from pretty much anywhere in PIM.

  • Inspections - For creating, modifying, previewing and submitting your inspections. (See How To Guides - Inspections). Please also see the last section of this guide for display options in the Inspection Menu.
  • Import - For bringing in property data from an external system. This feature is only available to PIM Premium customers. (See Data Sharing from REST, Cirrus8, Property Tree, GeeDee, Console, Chintaro & Liquid Palace)
  • Share - Here you can share inspections between iPads on the same PIM Premium account. (See Sharing Inspections)
  • Notes - A great place to capture notes outside of an inspection.  Each note is flagged with a date and time.
  • Helpdesk - Use for quick access links to our Getting Started Video, online help guides and videos, or to email PIM support. It's also a quick way to rate PIM on the App Store.
  • Settings - You can customise many things in PIM, and settings are where you go to do it. (See How To Guides - Settings)

Common Buttons You Will See In PIM

When using PIM you will see a number of common buttons or icons.  In most cases, they are displayed in the top title bar, but some will appear within a field.

Inspection List Options

Since you will spend most of your time in the Inspection area, it is important that you know how to work your way around the Inspection List (visible once you tap Inspections from the bottom menu.

Initially, you won't have anything in your list, but as you complete inspections, or perform a data import, they will all appear here.

Let's look at what you can do from the Inspection List.

  1. Add New - To create a new inspection.
  2. Search - Once tapped, type part or all of an address to search for an existing inspection.  Will stay in search mode until cancelled.
  3. Filter - Choose from a range of preset filter options to only show those inspections relevant to you in the list.  This filter allows you to "hide" Inspections that are not relevant to your daily/weekly tasks.

        4. Sort - Sort your list of Inspections by Date, Address or Suburb order.

        5. Edit - Show selection circles on the left of each inspection.  Once selected you can choose from a range of                 Share, Repeat or Delete options.

We have lots of resources to help you get the most out of PIM, so please check out some of our guides and videos.  If you can't find what you are looking for or would like a little help, then contact support@propertyinspectionmanager.com