Photos are a great way to show that the property is being well maintained, and can be a lifesaving piece of evidence during a dispute.   

With PIM there is no need to carry around a separate digital camera or phone - your iPad can take high-quality photos within the PIM app to display within your report or extract later as individual photos.  

All photos are labelled according to the Inspection Area in which they were taken, and may also include an embedded Date/Time Stamp on the actual photo if this feature is turned on (Settings > PIM Admin > Default Settings > Allow Date/Time on Photos)  

So how do you take photos in PIM? Either follow our simple steps below, watch the video or watch on our Youtube Channel - Taking Better Photos in PIM

Step 1: Open or create a new inspection then make your way to an Inspection Area (or Sub Inspection Area), then tap Photos to enter camera mode.

Step 2: You can now have the choice of taking a photo with the camera or choose from existing photos in the iPad Photo Library.

Take a Photo

The first step towards taking a good photo is to make the area as light as possible by opening curtains/blinds or turning on the lights.  There are also a number of screen options while taking the photo;

  • Focus - The camera has a built-in auto-focus, but you can tap on the screen to focus on a specific area.
  • Zoom - Use two fingers and spread apart to zoom in or close them together to zoom back out. Make sure you tap to focus before taking your photo
  • Brightness -  Tap on darker areas to brighten.  
  • Alignment - If your image is incorrectly displaying as portrait or landscape, rotate the iPad in different directions a few times so the camera can get its bearings.  

When the still photo appears, you will see a number of options on the right side.

  1. Back/Retake - Tap here to take a different photo if you are unhappy with this one.
  2. Use as Cover Photo - This option only applies to Routine inspections where this is an option on the report template.
  3. Attach To Report - This will be checked by default and highlighted in blue.  Tapping this button will remove the blue highlight and exclude the photo from your finished report.  
  4. Add Notes - This feature does not replace the need to capture comments in Inspection Area notes, but can be used to highlight specific details in the photo. The notes will appear above the photo in the report.  You may use this to highlight a specific issue or fault already referenced in your inspection notes.
  5. Use Photo - If you are happy with the photo as it is, tap this button to save and return to the camera screen to take more photos. There is no limit to the number of photos you can take in an inspection or Inspection Area. but once you reach ten photos, a "Maximum Photos Reached" message will appear on the screen. This is just a warning that PIM needs a moment to process this group of photos.  Simply tap OK, then Done on the camera screen to return to the main photo list.  Then tap Add Photos to take more.
  6. Help - General advice on taking photos.
  7. Include in Maintenance - If you are using the special Cleaning/Maintenance Report, you can tap to include the photo in this report.  For more information, on Cleaning/Maintenance reports, contact Support.

Choose an existing photo from Photo Library

If you have already taken property photos using the standard iPad camera app or an external camera, you can bring them into the inspection.

Or perhaps you already have some photos on an iPhone or another iPad you would like to use in your inspection?  Check out our Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad for PIM using AirDrop guide.

Instead of taking a new photo as above, tap the Photo Library icon (1) on the right to bring up your camera roll.  Select the photo(s) you wish to bring in (2) , then tap Done (3).  

In the popup PIM Photo Library box, tap Add Photos to confirm.

Step 3: When you have finished taking or importing photos, tap Done on the camera screen.  

Step 4: Final photos will be displayed in the order they were taken.  From this screen you can do a number of things:

  1. Add Photo - Tap to add more photos.
  2. Edit - Tap to delete photos from list
  3. View or Send Photo - Tap a photo to make changes.  You can also use the Send Photos option on this screen to send the full-sized photo by email.  You may choose this option for maintenance of marketing purposes without needing to return to the office first. 

Step 5: Once you have finished taking photos for this area, tap on the Inspection Area name in the top left to return to the main notes screen.

If you experience any difficulties taking photos, please refer to or troubleshooting guides and FAQs.