With the upgrade of iPads to the latest Apple iOS there are a few small changes you can make on the iPad itself to help speed things up, especially for older iPads. This will not only bring about a faster iPad for the PIM app but all your apps on the iPad. The widespread transparencies, blurs, and fancy overlays throughout the recent iOS look fantastic, but on older hardware they can also make devices run slower by using up system important resources which the PIM app (and other apps) use.

For iOS users follow the below steps which will help speed things up (Not all settings may appear on all iPads)

   * Open iPad Settings, go to “General” then to “Accessibility” Choose “Increase Contrast” and toggle it to ON . (This makes the Notification Centre, Control Centre, folders, and some other UI elements a bit less attractive, but should make apps generally more responsive)


   * Open iPad Settings, go to “General” and choose “Background App Refresh” Switch “Background App Refresh” to the OFF position (This can slow down older devices)

   * Open iPad Settings, go to “General”  and then on to “Accessibility”. Select “Reduce Motion” and flip the toggle so that it’s ON  (reduce fancy motion effects which are taxing on System Resources)

   * Open iPad Settings, go to “iTunes & App Store”. Choose “Automatic Downloads” and toggle everything to OFF (Background app checks are not done making system more responsive)