In certain cases where we need to troubleshoot issues with the running of PIM we may ask for Diagnostic information. If you navigate to PIM Help Desk and tap on Send Diagnostics. Alternatively if that option is unavailable, navigate to Settings > Support >  "Send Diagnostics" and then hit Send this will send us some diagnostic information to help us troubleshoot the issue.

This process uses Mail on your iPad so can you ensure Mail has been setup. Further instructions for setting up Mail can be found here

In some cases if you don't hear back from us the email may be sitting in your Outbox on your iPad waiting to be sent.  If the mail is stuck in the outbox you may also need to initiate the Send again. If you goto the Outbox and tap the message and then tap the Subject field/line (as if you were to Edit it) then tap the Send button again hopefully this should send the email (provided the correct password settings have all been setup etc).

Please note that in both cases no personal information is included in transmission, so your data is safe!