You have a few options to transfer PIM from one iPad or iPhone to another (i.e. iPad A to iPad B)

If both devices are set up with the one iCloud account then you can easily just backup your iPad/iPhone on your first device and then restore the contents to the new device using that same iCloud/Apple Id. This will backup all apps and data (including PIM) and then allow you to restore everything onto the new device. Further instructions can be found here - iCloud Backup/Restore

If you don’t want to use the same iCloud account, or you don't require a full backup and restore from i.e. iPad A to iPad B, and you are a PIM Premium user, an option is to backup your PIM Settings and then selectively backup/share your Inspections (which will exclude photos) from your existing iPad and then perform a fresh install of PIM on the new iPad using your existing PIM login details. If you need access to your old reports and photos from iPad A for local storage on your PC or server, you can do so by extracting them from iTunes using this guide - Extract Reports/Photo via iTunes.

Our Sharing Settings Guide can be found here - Sharing Settings

Our Inspection Sharing Guide can be found here - Sharing Inspections