Sometimes we accidentally take a photo or video in the incorrect inspection area or sub-inspection area.  With the latest version of PIM, you can now move images to the correct inspection area.

If you need to move a single photo or video you can tap and hold your finger on the image (1) to then tap "Move Media" (2)  > select the correct inspection area from the dropdown list (3) > then tap "Move" (4). This will move the photo or video out of one inspection area into another.  You can also move photos from sub-inspection areas to other Inspection Areas.  

In this example I am moving a single photo from the Garage to the Entry/Exterior:

If you have multiple images or videos you need to move into one area you can do that by tapping Edit (1) > tap to mark the media (2) > tap the "circle with 3 dots on the bottom green bar" (3) then select "Move Media" (4) > select the correct inspection area from the drop-down list (4)> then tap "Move" (5).

You can then navigate in PIM to the correct inspection area and locate the moved images.

If you are using iOS13 and under, then you will need to follow our respective guide - here.