We are always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PIM, make PIM more friendly, and help you conduct Inspections no matter what industry you are in! 

We will be introducing the PIM Cloud dashboard alongside brilliant new features including Video capture into PIM very soon.

The PIM Cloud Dashboard is a huge step forward and will really help PIM users manage their accounts, and build an online database of inspections and high-resolution media content. It will also provide the platform for Assisted/Remote Inspections, Online Editing of Inspections and digital workflows.

Updates and Improvements:
+ Photos can now be moved from Sub Inspection Areas or Inspection Areas into other Inspection Areas. Check out our new guide. Moving Photos

+ Plus when taking a photo, you can now toggle the photo to be automatically added to the Tenant Summary area. No more manual adding! Check out our guide which includes more information.

+ Basic/Cloud - Fixed issue when submitting a Tenant or Cleaning Report. It is now not marked as complete nor has a GREEN Bar.

And from the last releases:
+ Digitally complete information that appears on your Entry & Exit Inspection Reports. Items such as health issues, water meter readings, smoke alarm information, water efficiency, NBN, compliance and more are now available for all Australian States.

+ Condition Report Improvements
    + When processing Condition Reports from your Property Management System including Property Tree, Chintaro Cloud, PropertyMe, Cirrus8, Re-Leased and Console Cloud, REST and manual generic file processing PIM now imports and shows them as they are set in your Property Management System, i.e. Entry or Exit. 
    + For PCR Exit and Entry Inspections performed on the same day, PIM now correctly recognises the dates and imports them. 
    + A new Setting has been added under PIM Admin > Condition Report Settings > Reuse Inspection Area Text to give users the flexibility on whether they would like their Notes copied from an Entry to Exit or Exit to Entry. The existing Reuse Inspection Area Text setting has been moved to under Routine Report settings.  Defaults to ON.

+ PropertyMe Improvements
    + When submitting reports, PIM now changes the status of the Inspection to ‘Inspected’ once the report has been submitted.

+ Cirrus8 Improvements 
    + Ad-Hoc Inspections can now be created on-site without being scheduled in Cirrus8! When creating new Inspections in the app simply tap the 'i' icon in the Address field and select the Property or Lease you wish to conduct the Inspection for.  Plus Ad-Hoc Inspections now support caching if you are on-site and have no network connection. 

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