In some cases, if you have entered an Inspection manually in PIM your report won't automatically upload to Chintaro however you can still easily manually upload the report into Chintaro directly. Simply follow these steps :

1. After you have Submitted the Report you will receive the PDF and/or MS Word file via email.  If you haven't then refer to our Sharing your Reports guide.


2. Save the submitted PDF from your Inbox to the following directory

"U:\Data\Inspection Images" directory.  If you are unable to copy your PDF into this directory please contact Chintaro Support for assistance for how you open your emails in parallels.

3.  Then copy the file name, not the actual PDF file, by highlighting the file name and right click the file name and Copy.

To copy the file name, you can also right-click the file, select Rename, ensure the full name is highlighted, and press <ctrl>C to copy.

4. Log in to Chintaro and open/navigate to the Managed Inspections screen, select the property that requires the reportthen paste the copied filename from the above directory (see highlighted section below) into the Report Filename field under Inspection Reports, then enter a Report Type, e.g. Property Inspection Reports and finally enter the Submitted Date.

 Highlighted Area shown below