Need to highlight that crack in the wall? Or highlight other areas that need maintenance for an Owner? With the latest PIM, you can now annotate your photos on the go. Simply snap your photo and tap Edit to annotate! Annotating photos along with the recent changes to the redesigned PIM Camera makes it easier to take photos on whatever device, big or small, you are using PIM on.  in addition,  Chintaro Cloud users the latest integration has now arrived. 

Updates and Improvements in this release:
* Annotation Improvements - Existing photos can now be annotated (Support for Portrait photos only for iPhone at this stage) plus we have added a confirmation prompt to make you you really need to save all those markups. We have also added an Ellipse tool! 
* Shorthand Word Improvements - Added new ways to share Shorthand Words plus added ability to "Delete All Shorthand Words”
* Added the ability to filter Inspections by Routine or Property Condition Reports. How handy is that!

And from our previous version of PIM:
* Chintaro Cloud Improvements - The new integration for PIM and Chintaro Cloud users, offers a  feature-rich, and definitely 'less clunky' workflow. Simply download scheduled inspections directly into PIM, Upload reports, maintenance issues, photos, and more back into Chintaro Cloud. Brilliant!
* Re-Leased Improvements - Routine, Cleaning/Maintenance, and Tenant are now all displayed correctly and separately, instead of being overwritten, in the Re-Leased dashboard. 
* Take a photo and simply tap Edit to Annotate your photos. Lots of editing tools available including adding Lines, Arrows, Rectangles, and Text plus easily Undo or Redo your changes on the go for any mistakes. Accidentally add a Line? No Problem, simply select the Selection option from the Tool menu and remove it. Plus lots of different colours to take advantage of to highlight areas of concern.
* The latest improvements between PropertyTree and PIM are now live - delivering deeper integration and better communication possibilities for you. In PIM you can now produce and submit customised reports for tenants and landlords, and, for the first time, populate the Owner Notes/Follow Up Items/ Tenant Notes/Action Notes directly into PropertyTree. This will save you time, reduce duplication and make things simpler! The callout mapping is:
        Tenant Summary.Notes are uploaded to "Tenant Notes" for an Inspection 
        Tenant Summary.Additional Notes —> "Tenant Actions" for an Inspection
        Maintenance Required.Notes —> "Owner Notes" for an Inspection
        Maintenance Required.Additional Notes —> "Owner Follow-up Items"  for an Inspection
* Victorian Condition Reports updated to meet the latest legislative requirements.
* Added ability to Copy Inspectors in Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors 
* Workflow improvements when performing repeat inspections for manually creating Inspections and those via Property Management Systems. If conducting a Repeat Inspection and the Inspection Type changes say from PCR -> Routine or Routine -> PCR PIM now correctly prevents the notes and quick check labels from being copied over. 

We're are always listening to your feedback and working hard to improve PIM, to make PIM more friendly, and to help you conduct Inspections no matter what industry you are in! We release updates regularly and we're always looking for ways to make things better. If you have any feedback come find us. We're happy to help. 

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