In some cases, if you have entered an Inspection manually in PIM your report won't automatically upload to Console Cloud however you can still easily manually upload the report (whether it's the PDF or MS Word report) into Console Cloud directly. Simply follow these steps :

1. After you have Submitted the Report you will receive the PDF and/or MS Word file via email.  If you haven't then refer to our Sharing your Reports guide.

2. Log into Console Cloud and open/navigate to the Property where you wish to upload your Inspection Report.  

3. Tap on the Inspections tab (1) and tap the "scheduled inspection" (2) symbol of your recent inspection:


4. Then, scroll down to the "Reports" Section > tap "Upload" (3)

and/or drag and drop/ or tap "browse" to your PDF or MS Word file from your desktop.

5. Your attached Inspection Report will then say "Uploaded on xx/xx/xxxx" and change to "Download" option.