What's New In This Release

Property Inspection Manager just got better! You'll see a ton of improvements and fixes in this update of PIM including a redesigned Inspection and Inspection Areas screen making it easier on the eye. Stay tuned for more changes to accommodate Residential and Commercial properties in future releases!

* In case you missed it PIM has teamed up with Re-Leased and the PIM app now offers full integration with Re-Leased and is ready to use. What does this mean for your office? Syncing your Commercial inspections and reports between Re-Leased and PIM has just become a lot easier. Re-Leased users can now directly import their inspections from Re-Leased using a single click in PIM and then automatically push all reports back into Re-Leased. How good is that !! Your full guide on integration with Re-Leased can be found here.

Other improvements and fixes:

* Improvements made to Property Tree integration to allow the "Property Type" field in Property Tree to be mapped to Property Profiles in PIM.

* Improvements made to Chintaro Integration to simplify onboarding by removing the need for a generic password.

* Improvements made to Re-Leased Integration so that the address is now correctly processed.

* Increased maximum number of Property Profiles to 15 and made it easier to scroll when selecting a Property Profile when creating a New Inspection.

* When changing an Inspection Date it now updates the Inspection list as needed.

* Changing the default Inspection Type in the settings now works correctly.

* Import screen now includes last time the import process was refreshed.

* Fixed various Localization issues for our customers in Ireland, United Kingdom and the U.S.A.

* Fixed an issue on iPhones where if you create a new Inspection but then tap Cancel, then tap into an Inspection it thinks you are still in  "New Inspection" mode.

* Fixed an issue on iPhones where the display doesn't show progress for the Import process.

* Other improvements including possible crashing when accessing the Photo Gallery for Untitled albums.

Please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. More instructions available here - iCloud Backup.

As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

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