To help you with your Virtual Inspections using PIM please follow this guide for step by step instructions.

Step 1:  Download PIM for FREE  from the App Store (Available on iPhone/iPad).

Search for "PIM" or "Property Inspection Manager" (1) in the App Store then tap GET (2) to install. 

If you have adjusted your "Text Size"  for your screen you may need to revert this back to the standard size by navigating to Apple Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size > and slide the bubble to the left so it is under halfway. PIM will work better using these Settings.

Step 2: Locate the new PIM icon on your iPad or iPhone and tap to open.

Step 3:  Click the “Be our Guest” button. 

Step 4: Tap “Residential Property” and then Continue.

Step 5: Select your State in the list and tap Continue again.

Step 6:  Go to Settings

Step 7:  tap PIM Admin

Step 8:  tap Inspectors

 Step 9:  Tap ‘Guest User' (1) and update with your Full Name and Email address (2). Tap on Property Inspection Report Template (3) and select Inspection Template-Virtual Inspection.doc and hit Done (4).

Step 7:  Tap Inspections and then tap + in the top left, select Small: 3 Bed x 2 Bedroom x 1 Garage profile.

Step 8:  Select the Inspection and enter your Address, Suburb, Postcode and Tenant details in the Tenant section. Once you have entered all the necessary details. Tap Done in the top right.

Select your Inspection, scroll to the bottom the Inspection details screen and Tap Start!

Step 9:  In the Inspection Areas screen, using the Edit and the "+" button in the top left, Add or Delete areas to match the inspection areas that your Property Manager has emailed you.

Step 10:  Add any notes, record the condition and take photos of all areas of interest. Photos will be better if they are taken in landscape mode (or if iPhone or iPad is held horizontally)

Step 11:  Once finished, navigate back to the Inspection Details screen. In the top right-hand corner tap the "3 Dots" (top right corner), and then tap Send Inspection to Property Manager and tap Email Inspection to Property Manager and type in their email address and hit Send.  This will send the Inspection directly to your Property Manager's together with all the notes and photos that were taken using PIM.

Step 12:  Let your Property Manager know you have successfully sent the inspection so they can import it into their device.

Practice good social distancing and stay healthy!

Here is the guide in PDF format