Property Management Software Support - Cirrus Instructions for PIM

Data sharing between Cirrus8 and Property Inspection Manager is simple for PIM Premium users.  With a single tap, users can import upcoming scheduled inspections straight into PIM and then automatically push their Routine, Maintenance or Tenant Inspection reports back into Cirrus8. Only  'Scheduled' Inspections will be imported into PIM.

If your Cirrus8 instance isn't set up for use with PIM please contact PIM Support at or CIrrus8 support via

Downloading your Cirrus8 inspections into PIM on the iPad or iPhone involves only one step and we also walk you through how to automatically upload your reports into Cirrus8.

Part of the Cirrus 8 setup requires us to obtain a list of the Property Profiles configured in PIM which is passed onto Cirrus 8.  Cirrus8 incorporates these profiles into your Cirrus8 so they match up in both systems when scheduling Inspections.  If you change the name of any of your Property Profiles or add or delete those profiles, in PIM, after this setup is complete you will need to inform Cirrus8 of any changes you have made via

If you have already contacted PIM Support and have received notification that your setup is complete, you can proceed to enable the feature in PIM.  On the device, if you navigate to Settings > Advanced, Integrations and About the App > scroll down to Enable Cirrus8 and tap the toggle to Enable.  The toggle will turn GREEN and you should see your API key populate above this setting.

Before scheduling your Inspection in Cirrus8 ensure that the "Template" in Cirrus8 matches an existing Property Profile available in PIM.  When importing, if the Template set in Cirrus8 does not already exist in PIM then PIM will import the Inspection using the Default Profile configured in PIM.  You can set the Template from the drop-down list in Cirrus8 as per the screenshot below.  If you need further Templates created in Cirrus8 please contact

Check that your Cirrus8 Templates match the Property Profiles in PIM

Check that your Property Profiles in PIM match the Templates in Cirrus8

STEP 1: Import Data To PIM From Cirrus 8

The import relies on information in PIM Settings so it is important to know how yours is set up.

  • Default Inspector/Portfolio Manager - PIM will choose an Inspector to attach to the new inspection.  Check the Portfolio Manager names in Cirrus8 match up with the Inspector names in PIM.  By default, it will select the first person listed in Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors.  
  • Templates in Cirrus8 need to sync with the PIM Property Profiles.  Check that they are the same or PIM will use the Default Property Profile.  Check out -  Setting up Property Profiles in PIM if you need more assistance. Configuring Property Profiles can be done in the PIM app via Settings > PIM Admin > Property Profiles
  • Inspection Type - Routine Inspections are the most common type of inspection performed and will be the default for imports.  However, you can change this in Settings > PIM Admin > Inspection Type if your are needing to set up for Condition Reports instead.
  • Quick Checks - Set 'Quick Check Always Ticked' in Settings > PIM Admin if you require all quick check labels to be automatically ticked 'on'.
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Tap the Import tab at the bottom of the PIM screen.

2: Tap Import Data in the top left corner of the new screen.

3: Pull your finger down the left side of the screen to refresh with the latest inspection data from Property Me. 


 4: Properties ready to import will be colour coded with a green or orange bar on the left.

Green - Initial inspections for PIM.  Will be imported using the default property profile

Orange - PIM has recognised this property already exists on the device and will use the last inspection to create a duplicate or "repeat inspection" which retains the property layout and previous inspection notes.

If you have a large number of inspections in the import list, you may also want to use one of the filters or sort options in the top right corner.

5: When you are ready to complete the import, tap the Action Icon (1) in the top right, then Import All or Import Selected as required.

6: Tap Continue.

7: Tap OK to confirm the successful import. Your new inspections have now been imported and are ready to go in the inspections tab.

Your new inspections will now be ready to go in the Inspections tab. You can now go ahead and complete the inspections as they fall due.  Remember to complete the inspection by using Submit to send a copy of the report to your email. Don't forget to save a copy to your computer where you can find it.

STEP 2Uploading your reports into Cirrus8

Your generated Routine, Maintenance or Tenant Inspection reports will now be automatically uploaded to Cirrus8 whenever you use Submit Inspection. This process will upload the PDF only. 

Other Handy Hints for Cirrus8 Users

  • Manually Input Inspections

Only those inspections who have been directly imported from Cirrus8 will have their reports uploaded.  If you have entered an Inspection manually in the PIM app, unfortunately, this is unable to be pushed back into Cirrus8 automatically however you can easily upload the generated reports manually. Find out more about uploading reports into Cirrus8 in our guide - Uploading Reports Into Cirrus8

  • Manually Send to Cirrus8

If you have accidentally chosen Preview Inspection, no need to worry as you can still upload your generated Routine, Maintenance or Tenant Inspection report back to Cirrus8. Simply open the Report or Document Folder (at the top of the screen) for that Inspection, tap Options and Send to Cirrus8. See below. 

When the report has been uploaded, the inspection status in Cirrus8 will change to Conducted (The report is not allowed to be sent when the status is closed or cancelled).

  • Properties that have Unit numbers and the same Office number

Cirrus8 has a Unit Code and a Unit Description to help describe a property. The  ("Unit") Description is used as part of the PIM integration as part of the address field. The address field in PIM is populated from the Description as well as the Property Street fields in Cirrus 8 so both the "Description + Property Street" fields are required fields.

The Unit Description can be populated in Cirrus8 by navigating to:

1.  Tap Properties tab, shown below

2.  Tap Manage Property on the left

3.  Select your Property Code from the dropdown menu

4.  Tap Unit for Floor which will scroll down to the "Description" field where you can enter your unit number 

As an example:  Unit 1 Ground Floor 201 Bandaid Street would need to be entered, in Cirrus8, using the following approach:

    "Unit 1 Ground Floor" would be entered in the Description field and the 201 Bandaid Street would be populated from the Property Street in Cirrus8. 

  • Vacated Tenants

If the tenant is noted as a vacated tenant in Cirrus8 it wont import into PIM.  You will need to un vacate the tenant, then import the Inspection into PIM, then re-vacate your tenant.

If you experience any problems or have questions about the new Cirrus8 Data Import process, please contact PIM Support.