Syncing your data and reports between Property Tree and Property Inspection Manager has just become a lot easier for PIM Premium users using PIM v3.6.1+.  Property Tree users can now directly import their properties from Property Tree using a single click in PIM and then automatically push their Routine/Cleaning-Maintenance or Tenant Inspection reports back into Property Tree. As before only Inspections scheduled as 'Confirmed' will be imported into PIM as only these Inspections have a confirmed date set by the Agent and Tenant. 

Setting up PIM and Property Tree:

Step 1 -   Check you are running the latest PIM v3.6.1 (In the app go to Settings and in the top left corner you will see the version number). If you're not running the latest PIM open the App Store app on your iPad and tap Updates to install the latest PIM. 

Step 2 - You may have been sent your Property Tree API Key from Property Tree support if so head to Step 4. If not, simply follow these simple steps: 

  1. In your favourite web browser log into your Property Tree Account and click on Configuration (on the left-hand side). 
  2. Under Integrations, select Inspection Applications (You may need administrator access if you can't see 'Inspection Applications' so ask someone in your office who may have administrator privileges)
  3. A screen showing your API Key for Property Inspection Manager should now show. Tap 'Generate API Key' if no key exists. Now go and grab your iPad again and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 - Simply copy the API Key generated in previous steps and send it to us at PIM Support and we'll help you out finalise your PIM and Property Tree integration.

Step 4 -Enable Property Tree Integration from the iPad - Once we have advised you that we have uploaded the API file, you need to enable the Property Tree Integration from the iPad.  If you can navigate to Settings > Advanced, Integrations About the App > then tap Enable Property Tree.  Once PIM validates the API Key the number will be displayed above. 

Step 5 - You can choose to import the next 7 days, 14 days of CONFIRMED inspections. Simply tap the setting accordingly and this setting will be used when importing your inspections from Property Tree:

Ready to Import your Inspections from Property Tree and sync your reports back? Head on over to our new Property Tree guide for more information.