If you require the facility to incorporate an Agents Signature, a Tenants Signature or both from the iPad or iPhone then PIM can facilitate this. Please contact support to make sure your templates support signatures before proceeding.  If the Tenant/Owner is not present you can refer to our Paperless guide for how to Capture Digital Signatures on a PDF file - Find out more. Digital Signatures are only available for PIM Premium customers.

All you need to do is turn on this setting from the PIM Settings.  To do this, open the PIM App and navigate to:

Step 1: Settings > PIM Admin > scroll down to Allow Signatures > and ENABLE this function

Step 2:  Change the Signature setting is ENABLED - GREEN

Step 3: Return to your Inspection and tap the 3 dots (top right corner) and select the signature you wish to add. 

If both are required, tap complete first signature, then return to the same menu to add the other signature.

Step 4: Populate or sign the signature field using your finger, then tap 'Confirm':

Step 5: The signatures will then generate when you use Preview or Submit Inspection.

If you need to clear the signature, just tap 'Clear'.

Note: Repeat Inspections do not carry over any signatures.