Property Management Software Support - Chintaro Instructions for PIM

Data sharing between Chintaro and Property Inspection Manager is available for PIM Premium users. If you are not using the latest PIM, contact support to upgrade. Also please contact Chintaro Support for help setting up your version of Chintaro to be compatible with PIM. 

To activate Chintaro functionality within PIM please navigate to Settings > Advanced > Enable Chintaro and enter passcode of C2015

Instructions for setting up and scheduling Inspections in Chintaro for PIM can either be found in the Chintaro Guide, by watching the video below or via the Chintaro Youtube Channel

A few notes on PIM and Chintaro functionality :

  • Only those Inspections which have been imported into PIM from Chintaro can be pushed back into Chintaro.
  • Please use Chintaro to schedule future Inspections. This will automatically perform a Repeat Inspection as part of that process if it’s related to an existing property. There is no need to use “Repeat Inspection” in the PIM app.
  • The completed Inspections in PIM can be pushed back into Chintaro using Submit Inspection functionality. When using this option in PIM it will not only generate an email your completed Inspection Report but also push the full Inspection (including maintenance notes) back into Chintaro. Please note that only those photos marked as "Include in Maintenance" will be pushed back into Chintaro, and NOT ALL photos.