First check that your email address is correct. This can be verified in Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors. Also check that the Inspector for the respective Inspection matches the details just verified

Secondly, check your SPAM box in your email client. It's likely your mail client or mail server isn't detecting our email address as a valid sender, even though it is. You will need to Create a new contact for which is the email account we send the inspections emails from. If you are using the Google Mail client, more details can be found here : or let us know if you are using a alternative mail client and we can help. Once the email address sender is marked as valid, it should safely be sent to your INBOX folder, rather than being caught in your SPAM folder.

And finally, in some cases there is occasionally delays in all types of email, for whatever reason. So give it a few minutes more just incase there are issues with your local network/ISP.

If you still haven't received it try our  direct email option for sending the report - Sending the Report Direct From your iPad.