Sometimes we accidentally take a photo or two in the incorrect inspection area or sub-inspection area.  If you are running  iOS13 or less, you can now save the image to your camera roll, then navigate to the correct inspection area and add the photo/image back in from your camera roll.

For those running iOS14 or higher together with the latest PIM, please refer to our latest How To Guide - here.

If you need to move a  single photo you can tap and hold your finger on the image to then use the "Share Photo" > "Save Image". This will save it to your camera roll.

If you have multiple images you need to move in one area you can do that by tapping Edit > mark the image > Share Photos > Save # Images

You can then navigate in PIM to the correct inspection area and import the relevant photo/s from your camera roll into the new area.  You can refer to our How-To Guide - here.  

Once you have successfully added the photos, you can remove the photos from the incorrect area by swiping from right to left, or tap and hold to Delete a Photo.