Vacant Property Inspections

Good news for Cirrus8 and PIM users needing to inspect properties whether Leased or Vacant!

Many of our clients have been asking for a way that inspections can be scheduled against a property rather than a lease in Cirrus8. This is usually because they want to conduct an inspection on Common Areas, a quick property inspection, or they have Vacant properties that require an occasional check.

Well, now you can! The way to do this is through a MISC Lease and the below guide and video explains how.

We are working together with Cirrus8 to improve the process, but for now, this is a great step forward.

For all properties where you need to create property inspections, you will need to create a lease with a MISC code. In many cases, this lease already exists as it is used for budgeting and owner contributions.

  • Video Instructions
  • Manage the Lease
  •    Assign a MISC Lease to a Property
  •    Enter Additional Details for the MISC Lease
  •    Add a Contact (Optional)
  •    Schedule your inspection in Cirrus 8

Video Instructions

Prefer videos to written instructions?  No problem watch the video version below or visit our PIM Youtube Channel

Manage Lease

For all vacant properties or common areas you need to inspect, you need to either create a New Lease with a "MISC" code or use an existing MISC Lease that you may have already created which is used for budgeting and owner contributions.  A max of 1 MISC Lease can be used per property.

MISC Leases have to be created by the Trust Accountant user.

Step 1. Setting Up a MISC Lease 
You need to check if your property already has a MISC Lease assigned to it and you can do that by navigating from the Leases menu, so :

(1) tap on Manage Lease - This section allows you to create new or edit existing leases.
(2) tap Existing Lease
(3) select a Search Method by Property
(4) Select a Property and this will display the matching records assigned to the property
(5) from the Select a Lease drop-down select your MISC Lease

Once selected you can expand your Lease and check that details in the MISC Lease are completed as these filter through to PIM.  You can then proceed to schedule your inspection so refer to Step 4. Create/Schedule your Inspection below.
If no MISC exists, then you need to create one, by tapping on
(2) then select New Lease 
(3) select the Property.  
(4) enter the Lease Code  "MISC" - MISC Leases have to be created by the Trust Accountant user.


Step 2. Enter additional details for the MISC Lease

1.  Enter the Lease Name and Tenant Location.  The location can be the property address.  The Lease Name populates the Tenancy Name in PIM.

2.  Select the Company:  You can either select the properties primary owner or MISC company

3.  Enter the Tenants Address: The Property Address

(these fields are not populated into PIM)

4.  Tenant Email: The Tenant Email populates the Tenancy Contact in PIM.

5.  Commencement Date: Today's date

6.  Expiry Date:  31/12/2999.  The 2999 expiry is just to make sure it doesn’t run out before the management ends.

7.  No other details are needed. Save the lease details are needed. Save the lease. 

The lease will be marked "Vacated", but this is not an issue. The lease does not need a Unit assigned.

Step 3. (Optional) Add a Lease Contact with Mobile, and Salutation and this will flow through to PIM as the Tenancy Contact.  
Step 4.  Create/Schedule your Inspection in Cirrus 8
You then just create your inspection for the lease just like any other lease.  The inspections will show up with the specified details.

Then proceed to import your scheduled inspections into PIM.  Refer to our How-To Guide.