PIM on the iPhone has finally arrived!. The most flexible inspection app now fits in your hand! PIM has been redesigned, rebranded and refreshed to bring you exciting new ways to perform your Inspections. The new PIM is now available on all iPhones and iPads.

Watch a quick overview of the latest features added to PIM.

PIM in your pocket!
Use PIM on your iPhone to easily add notes via Siri, the redesigned keyboard shortcuts or send reports at the property with one tap to your tenant or owner. Simple!

Improved UI - Making navigation easier and simpler
Whether you're using PIM on an iPad or iPhone, Inspection Areas and Sub Inspection Areas can now be easily expanded and collapsed. No more tapping back and forth, meaning fewer taps, saving you time on site.

Increase Productivity 
Use the revamped keyboard shortcuts, Voice Dictation via SIRI or pre-populated notes for faster note-taking on site. Your shorthand words are now even easier to access!
Call Owners and Tenants from the app 
Tenants and Owners can now be emailed or called directly from the app. Real-time reporting on site means no need to flick between PIM and CRM's and no need to be in your office to submit reports.
New Inspection Filters 
New inspection filters for 'Yesterday's Inspections' and 'Tomorrow's Inspections' help you keep track of your daily schedule.
Batch deleting areas 
Multiple inspection areas or sub inspection areas can now be easily deleted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did my inspection area notes summaries go?
Don't worry! They can be turned back on. Simply toggle it ON via Settings > PIM Admin > Show Notes Summary
What do the new keyboard shortcuts do?
plus icon  Shows your Shorthand Words inline within your keyboard. You can also Search, Filter by relevant area or Sort your words with a few taps. Tap the  cross icon button to revert back to the keyboard.
Add to shorthand words icon Saves any highlighted notes as a new Shorthand Word. 
camera icon Takes a photo.
location marker icon  Inserts your current location in latitude and longitude coordinates.
List SIA titles icon Lists the Sub Inspection Areas for the current Inspection Area. Tap a sub-area to insert the text into notes. Tap the  cross icon button to revert back to the keyboard.

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