We’ve been hard at work at introducing some exciting highly-requested features to improve your inspection workflow, plus we have fixed a few issues.

What's New In This Release

* On the Import screen, we added the ability to filter incoming inspections to only "Show This Weeks" or "Show This Months". Very handy for our REST and GeeDee users.

* Added the ability to edit the phone number and role or position for Inspectors. Your reports can now populate to include these new fields.

* Added the ability to pre-populate Additional Notes for Inspection Areas and Sub Inspection Areas. Navigate to Settings > PIM Admin > Inspection Areas.

* Fixed an issue with the recent Palace API integration. Rental Amounts, Rental Period and Lease End Date are now correctly populated from available Tenancy data. Remember that PIM now fully integrates with Palace so contact us for more information to help you get set up.

* Fixed an issue where Inspection Reports may fail if the Suburb contains unusual characters.

... and a few other improvements under the hood.

This is the last release that will support iOS 9. To continue receiving PIM updates, please upgrade to iOS11 or later.

Please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. More instructions available here - iCloud Backup.

As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

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