Property Management Software Support - Liquid Palace Instructions for PIM
Syncing your inspections and reports between Liquid Palace and Property Inspection Manager has just become a lot easier for PIM Premium users using PIM v3.6.4 or greater.  Palace users can now directly import their inspections from Palace using a single click in PIM and then automatically upload their Routine/Cleaning-Maintenance or Tenant Inspection reports back into Palace.


(a) Requesting your Integration Login from Palace

You will need to email Palace Support and request a specific configuration login for PIM Integration, (this is different to your Palace Login and has to be specifically requested from Palace) they will then issue you with a login Email and Password.  Please copy and paste this into an email to PIM Support.

(b) Enable Palace Integration from the iPad
Once we have created your API from your login details, and advised you that we have uploaded the file, you need to enable the Palace Integration from the iPad.  

If you can navigate to Settings > Advanced, Integrations About the App > then tap Enable Palace (BETA).  Once PIM validates the login details your name will be displayed above.  Select if you would like to import 14 or 28 days in advance.  We recommend using 14 days.

(c) Match your Property Managers/Agents in Palace EXACTLY to the Inspectors in PIM
Property Managers/Agents names in Palace must match EXACTLY the Inspector Names in the PIM app on the iPad for the "upload" to be successful.  If they don't then you can add/edit them in PIM by navigating to PIM Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors > then Add /Edit Inspectors names to match exactly the data in Palace.  If the names don't match exactly the upload will fail however you can manually attach the report in Palace.

(2) Downloading your Palace inspections into PIM On The iPad

With the new Palace integration it now only takes a single click to import your inspections. Make sure we have setup your Palace credentials created from your login details that you received from Palace.  Open PIM, log in, and check you have network connectivity before continuing. Remember that the import function is only available for PIM Premium accounts.

Step 1: Check the following in PIM to make sure your data import goes smoothly;

  • Check the Default Inspector is at the top of your inspectors' list via Settings > PIM Admin > Inspectors. The PIM app will automatically associate the default Property Manager/Inspector in PIM against new Properties imported. To change the Default Inspector simply click Edit and then using the small bars move the desired Inspector to the top position and then click Done to save. The new Default Inspector is now ready !!.
  • Inspectors names must match both in Palace and on the iPad for the "push back" to be successful.  If not then you can manually attach the report to your property in Palace.
  • Select your Default Property Profile for Import and check all the Inspection Areas you need are included via Settings > PIM Admin > Property Profiles. A Property Profile is a best fit or average layout for your Properties or Inspections (including custom callouts i.e. Maintenance Required/Suggested Improvements). We suggest that if the Property Profile say has 3 Bedrooms and then for a specific Inspection if there are only 2 bedrooms, it’s quicker to delete the extra bedroom than adding a bedroom. 
  • Check out -  Setting up Property Profiles in PIM if you need more assistance. Configuring Property Profiles can be done in the PIM app via Settings > PIM Admin > Property Profiles
  • Set the correct Inspection Type via Settings > PIM Admin > Inspection Type. Note the default Inspection Type is Inspection Report. 
  • Set 'Quick Check Always Ticked' in Settings > PIM Admin if you require all quick check labels to be automatically ticked 'on'.
  • Make sure your iPad is in horizontal mode rather than landscape.

Step 2: Tap the Import tab at the bottom of the PIM screen.

Step 3: On the left hand side of the Import screen, Pull to refresh your Inspection file from Palace (motion your finger downwards to refresh the list).  (If you are running PIM v3.6.3 or earlier you need to Tap the Refresh Icon (the circular arrow) in the bottom left corner then OK in the pop-up window to start the download). 

Step 4: Tap on the latest data file for importing

  • New properties are those properties that have not previously been imported into PIM and are marked with a GREEN bar.
  • Updated properties, are marked with a ORANGE bar, and are those previously imported properties that contain updated information from Palace and contain a newer Inspection Date. When importing updated properties, PIM will automatically perform a 'Repeat Inspection' on these selected properties and a new Inspection will be created with updated Inspection Dates and include related updated tenancy/owner and property data. The previous Inspection Area layout is preserved and any history notes are associated with that Inspection(Check PIM Settings > PIM Admin > Re-use Inspection Area Text is toggled ON). PIM never updateS existing Inspections for safety and auditing reasons and to preserve the history of that Inspection in the app.
  • Use the filter to show only New, Updated properties or properties assigned to each Property Manager. Tap the Filter (1) in the top right and select "Show All for "Your Name"
  • You can also "Sort your Inspections" (2) according to Address, Inspection Date, Inspector or Suburb.


 Property Managers/Agents names in Palace must match EXACTLY the Inspector Names on the iPad for the "upload" to be successful.

Step 5: Select the Inspection you wish to Import then tap the Action Icon (3) in the top right, then Import All or Import Selected as required.

Step 6: Tap Continue to import your Inspections.  Please read the prompts to ensure you correctly import your inspections.

Step 7: Tap OK to confirm successful import.

Step 8: Your new inspections will now be displayed in the Inspection List in the Inspections Tab.  Go ahead and complete the inspection in the usual way by adding notes and photos.  Remember you will need to Submit your inspection at the end to generate your reports.

(2) Uploading your reports into Palace

Your generated Routine/Cleaning-Maintenance or Tenant Inspection reports will now be automatically uploaded to Palace whenever you use Submit Inspection. This process will upload the PDF only. 

Please note that only those inspections who have been directly imported from Palace and Property Manager/Agents in Palace matching an existing Inspector on the iPad will have their reports uploaded.  If you have entered an Inspection manually in the PIM app, or the Property Manager/Agents name does not existing Inspector on the iPad, unfortunately, this is unable to be pushed back into Palace automatically however you can easily upload the generated reports manually. Find out more about uploading reports into Palace in our guide - Uploading Reports Into Palace. Also due to attachment limits imposed by Palace, only Routine/Cleaning-Maintenance or Tenant Inspections can be uploaded to Palace and not Property Condition Reports at this stage. You can, however, choose to upload the report manually using the previous link (Uploading Reports Into Palace).

If you have accidentally chosen Preview Inspection, no need to worry as you can still upload your generated Routine/Cleaning-Maintenance or Tenant Inspection report back to Palace. Simply open the Report or Document Folder (at the top of the screen) for that Inspection, tap Options and Send to Palace. See below. 

If you experience any problems or have questions about the new Palace Data Import process, please contact PIM Support.