We hope you enjoy our latest update. This month we have:

* Improved performance of Camera when selecting from Photo Gallery.
* Improved performance of generating reports under slow or poor WIFI networks.
* Improved layout of the signature popup.
* REST Processing - Incorporated the new 'Inspecting Agent' data. This overrides the Property Manager, if available.
* Property Tree  - Fixed an issue so that "Rental Amounts" containing decimals and commas are now stored correctly.
* Property Tree  - Fixed an issue so that if the "Rental Period" is not set, processing still continues.
* Property Tree  - Updated processing so that if the "Tenancy Name" or "Ownership name" are available those are used instead of individual tenant/owner names.
* When processing data for any Property Management System if the Tenant Email or Owner Email contains multiple addresses these are now processed correctly when sharing reports/photos out.
* Fixed an issue where if the iPad device name contains spaces, in the prefix, then these are now stripped out when storing Inspection or Settings files.

... And also from previous releases ...
We are happy to announce that Property Inspection Manager (PIM) has teamed up with Property Tree and the PIM app now offers full integration with Property Tree and is ready to use.

What does this mean for your office?  Syncing your inspections and reports between Property Tree and Property Inspection Manager has just become a lot easier. Property Tree users can now directly import their inspections from Property Tree using a single click in PIM and then automatically push their Routine Inspection reports back into Property Tree. How good is that !!

To activate simply head on over to the *PIM Help Desk* in the app or email us through the usual channels to help you get set up.

Please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. More instructions available here - iCloud Backup.

As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

Download the Update Now!