We hope you enjoy our latest update. This month we have:

* Added pinch and zoom to photos when viewing a photo individually.
* When viewing an individual photo renamed 'Send Photo' to 'Share Photo’ and added new ability to share a photo with Owner/Tenant/Inspector as well as other sharing services.
* Tenant Inspection Reports and Cleaning/Maintenance Reports now include the correct abbreviation in their generated file report names (TIR and CIR respectively instead of just PIR).
* Emails sent for Tenant Inspection Reports now correctly reference the type of report attached. Tenant Emails can now also be customised via Settings > PIM Admin > Customised Emails.
* Oversized Reports in the Online Account Dashboard now show the correct inspection or report type.
* **Exclusive to PIM** Both PIM Tenant Inspection Reports and Cleaning/Maintenance Reports can now be uploaded back into Property Tree.
* Fixed newline characters appearing in Inspection address (Fix from Chintaro).
* Fixed an issue causing the app to hang when saving an Inspection under rare circumstances.
* Update REST processing for v16.0.5

... And also from previous releases ...
We are happy to announce that Property Inspection Manager (PIM) has teamed up with Property Tree and the PIM app now offers full integration with Property Tree and is ready to use.

What does this mean for your office?  Syncing your inspections and reports between Property Tree and Property Inspection Manager has just become a lot easier. Property Tree users can now directly import their inspections from Property Tree using a single click in PIM and then automatically push their Routine Inspection reports back into Property Tree. How good is that !!

To activate simply head on over to the *PIM Help Desk* in the app or email us through the usual channels to help you get set up.

Please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. More instructions available here - iCloud Backup.

As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

Download the Update Now!