What's New in PIM this March

We release updates regularly, and we're always looking for ways to make things better and to improve your experience within the PIM app. If you have any feedback or run into the issues, please let us know via the PIM Help Desk in the app. We're happy to help. We'll also be at LPMA 2017 in May so drop by and say hello for a friendly chat.

Enjoy your PIM Update!

** What's new in PIM **

* PIM cares for your safety and in a first for the property management industry we have added ICE (In Case of Emergency) features. If you are in distress when performing your Inspections onsite (and you have iPad connectivity or use phone hotspot), an email or SMS can be sent to a nominated person back in the office letting them know of your situation and location. Setup options can be found in Settings > PIM Admin.

* Photos on reports can now include a date and location watermark. Available via Settings > PIM Admin > Allow Date/time on Photos.

** What we have fixed and improved in PIM **

* Fixed an issue with Repeat Inspections.

* PIM now supports REST v15.

* Upgraded quality of photos when viewed within the app. 

* Updated information prompts when reports are oversized.

* Updated photos screen to show which ones are flagged as "Use Cover Photo" or "Included in Maintenance".

* Updated mail icons so they are always visible (applicable for when viewing PDF files and Send Photo button) and show a prompt if mail is not configured on iPad.

* Improved diagnostics framework to send directly from PIM and allow users to embed video and audio detailing issues your having.

* Improved progress indicator when importing multiple photos from Camera Roll.

* Fixed slowdown issues when importing multiple photos from Camera Roll.

* Fixed an issue where Sub-Inspection Areas were not being added automatically for Bond Inspections.

* Fixed 'Completed' Indicator not being marked GREEN when a report is oversized. Also fixed indicator being marked GREEN even though a report was not successful.

* Fixed pre-populated not showing up correctly when adding Inspection Area manually.

* Fixed an issue when iPad Setting for 24 hour time is toggled OFF and using PIM in UK and Ireland locales.

* Fixed various other bugs improvements.

* (BETA) - Photos on reports can now be shown inline under Inspection Areas. Please contact support to discuss and upgrade your report templates.

As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

Please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. 


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