What's New in PIM this December

Delve in and find out about our latest PIM release – it’s full of new features and functionality requested by you and will definitely improve your Inspections! Check out newsletter arriving in your inbox soon that includes a what's new in PIM video.

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** New Features **

* An easier way to pre-populate your Inspection Notes - We know you like entering lots of inspection notes for your Inspections, and that's why we have made it even easier to pre-populate your Inspections with notes. Now under Settings > Inspection Areas, for each Inspection Area or Sub-Inspection Area, you can add in pre-populated notes so that every time a new Inspection is created they will be pre-populated with your notes, saving you heaps of time!

* Batch Repeating Inspections - For those users who need to perform a batch of Repeat Inspections, we’ve made some POWERFUL time-saving changes. Now you can select multiple inspections to repeat instead of one-by-one (with alert warnings of course!)

* Sharing Reports - We have also made it even easier to share your PDF reports outside of PIM. Like other iOS apps, you can now share your generated PDF reports from PIM to other services or apps you have installed on your iPad. Whether you have Dropbox, Box, One Drive or are a Mac user using AirDrop you can now easily share and store your PDF generated reports to anywhere.

* Adding multiple Photos from your iPad Camera Roll with PIM Multi-Shot - Sometimes you want to use photos you’ve taken on your external point and shoot camera or iPad camera and perhaps edited, cropped or pictures quickly taken outside of the PIM app. Now you can add MULTIPLE photos from your iPad Photo Library using the PIM Multi-Shot Camera – allowing fast, straightforward access and import of photos!


* Fixed an issue where some reports would not submit correctly.

* Fixed an issue when editing Sub-Inspection Areas under Settings.

* Fixed an issue where the Documents Folder was not responsive after tapping.

* Improved processing of Property Tree data so that the Date and Time are correctly processed as well as any updates to a property.

As always we would love your feedback about improving PIM and adding new features. Please contact us on the website or in the app directly via the PIM Help Desk.

Please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. 


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