What's New in PIM this July

The latest PIM update now includes many fixes and improvements.

PIM Improvements

* Improved how Inspection Areas and Sub Inspections are managed including fixing an issue where the app may crash if the Inspection Area or Sub Inspection Area titles are missing.

* Added support for UK and IE regions including new inspection report templates.

* Fixed issue where Predictive text is interfering with PIM Shorthand Words in iOS9.

* Update Import processing to ensure Country code of Australia is only set when using an Australia state.

* Included 'N/A' and any words starting or ending with 'Agrees' to be ignored when applying the "Quick Check Always Ticked" setting.

* On the Import Screen fixed an issue where if the "Show Only Default Inspector" toggle is turned ON the "Select All" toggle would not work correctly and may also cause issues selecting individual properties.

* Fixed an issue where if there was more thank 5 Property Profiles then this could cause issues when searching for the default Property Profile to use when Importing.

* Fixed issue where order of Inspection Areas and Sub Inspection Areas were not being saved after being reordered in Settings.

* PIM is now supported on iOS8 only and above.

Chintaro Improvements

* Improve Chintaro workflow by including Quick Check headings.

* Add extra info to Chintaro responses when something fails and ask to contact Chintaro support.

* Updated wording in PIM for 'Repeat Inspections' when Chintaro is enabled since Inspections should be scheduled via Chintaro (not in PIM).

Property Tree Improvements

* Improved Property Tree processing when data file contains missing columns (Website Changes).

Palace Improvements

* Improved Palace (Realbase) processing of data files (now included Tenant/Owner and Lease fields) (Website Changes).


As always, please ensure you have iCloud turned on to back up your iPad regularly. 


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